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En español l You might think your medical costs will be taken care of once you qualify for Medicare.

But you'll quickly find that you're still paying out of pocket, and probably paying much more than you expected. Fidelity Investments, which has been tracking retiree health care costs for more than a decade, estimates that a 65-year-old couple retiring this year will need 0,000 to cover future medical costs.

Consider: Part A covers inpatient hospital costs, stays in skilled nursing facilities, home health care visits and hospice care.

Most beneficiaries pay no premium for Part A, but there is a deductible of $1,184 this year for inpatient hospital stays.

Fidelity's estimated $240,000 includes the cost of deductibles and copayments, premiums for optional coverage for doctor visits and prescription drugs, out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs, and other expenses that Medicare doesn't cover, such as hearing aids and eyeglasses.

Even if you face no other costs, paying for premiums and deductibles for the traditional Medicare choices of Parts A, B and D (rather than opting for the Medicare Advantage program known as Part C) can quickly eat up retirement savings.

After registering, please call the office (608-318-2388) to make your payment. Hybrid Driver's Ed The Hybrid course will meet the DMV requirements of 10 hours of classroom done in five (5) 2 hour sessions and 20 hours of online instruction done within 90 days of start date.

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