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Israel’s military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza began five decades ago, when Israel defeated three Arab armies.

Today, millions of Palestinians still face concrete walls, checkpoints and other Israeli controls. The lives of three people – a construction worker, a cancer patient and a tycoon – offer some answers.

But local and regional needs are never far from GIMI’s radar.

The avocado-growing course came out of GIMI’s awareness that the healthful avocado is in great demand in Europe and that Israelis could help Palestinian farmers join them in offering a quality product for this “green gold” market.

“We will live like normal people,” he said, “until the situation is normal.” As the Israeli occupation of the West Bank turns 50 years old in June, Israel will celebrate the taking of Jerusalem in its near-miraculous Six-Day War against Arab armies led by Egypt, Syria and Jordan. “We’ve earned it.” Rawabi is the counternarrative in the forever conflict in which Palestinians are often portrayed as terrorist or victim, living in refugee camps or dusty villages out of biblical times. All the upwardly mobile dentists, Web designers and middle managers who don’t make the news. Masri also said Rawabi could collapse if the Israeli military government, which runs most of the West Bank, decides to turn off the water or electricity, again.

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