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She thinks it’s important that others realise how beneficial it has been for her, not just financially speaking. I get so many customers telling me how I am beautiful. I’ve never done something on cam I haven’t wanted to do because I just say no. ‘My body is something I’ve always been worried about. You know that saying, don’t bring your problems to work, bring your solutions? Kitty explained: ‘I’ve been creating my own pornographic content on my official website for a while.

‘Some of them tell me things like “If I was yours I’d treat you like a princess”. I plan to do this alongside camming for the long term. ‘I’m taking porn a little slower than camming and modelling as I want to work for companies who I feel are right for me as a person.

My plans for porn are to make a career out of it while I can continue producing content that I enjoy creating and for others to enjoy watching.

‘There are endless options for porn so if I feel I don’t want to be talent anymore I would love to go into photography side of porn and still be in the industry.

I got a customer who enjoyed sploshing, which is food and mess play. It’s the good days to keep you going, and working helps me with that.’ Kitty added: ‘Camming for me is definitely a profession.

‘I got asked if I had any custard, which is a common thing that people rub onto their bodies to get the customer off. I ended up having to tell him to wait 5 minutes, blend some bananas, make a smoothie, get in the bath, and rub this smoothie on myself. I see myself as a brand and through that make lots of business decisions.’ Kitty’s recently decided to take her career a step further by dipping into the porn industry.

For those who are unaware of what ‘camming’ is, it’s where a woman – or a man – entertains others for sexual purposes online.

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