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My Space uses Sentinel SAFE, a database it created in 2006 with the names, physical descriptions and other identifiable characteristics of sex offenders that cross-references against My Space members.A Facebook spokesman said: ""We are glad to be able to report that we have not yet had to handle a case of a registered sex offender meeting a minor through Facebook.Cardillo took the 90,000 sex offenders who were removed from My Space and started looking for them on Facebook. I also have about 100 mugshots of sex offenders along with their corresponding Facebook profile names and pictures. A spot check of the mugshots, which are publicly available, matched names and photos in the National Sex Offender Registry.

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They have accused social networking sites of doing too little to protect children and teenagers from sexual predators, a claim that is likely to be strengthened by My Space's somewhat alarming haziness over sex offender numbers.

A similar subpoena was issued to Facebook but the company has yet to release any information, said the attorneys general in a statement.

In a deal with 49 state attorneys general last May, Facebook agreed to identify and remove “profiles of all registered sex offenders.” Presumably this policy covers all profiles on Facebook, regardless of who created them.

How much would it cost Facebook to license the Sentinel screening technology?

My Space is in the spotlight today because it revealed that 90,000 registered sex offenders have been kicked off its site in the past two years. Some evidence suggests that a portion of them are now on Facebook.

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