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😊 The founder Liron, has done great things, like tutoring me in math in high school, and co-founding Quixey (which raised 3M in VC).(Witty Thumbs may be the first company to launch out of the upcoming YC S17 batch) 🚀Lior and I are excited to launch this to the world.Men don't cope well on their own, so she wants to help them (and women, too) find the right partners - and stick with them.

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Currently in his second term as a Cincinnati City Council member, P. is especially interested in education and helping working and middle class families achieve financial stability -- but that's stuff you can find out by looking at his website. genuinely cares about the community he's part of, down to the nitty-grittiest levels: He loves helping to fix problems as small and prosaic as a pothole and as big as a school that's not serving its students. has done that I'm personally most proud of happened in the fall of 2012. was rightly appalled at the discrimination and reached out to a national billboard company who donated billboards all over the city that had red, white, and blue backgrounds and said: HEY CINCINNATI, VOTING IS A RIGHT, NOT A CRIME. G.'s résumé can't capture: how friendly and funny he is, and how hard-working and curious. As a writer, I've purposely chosen a profession that allows me to spend my days sitting in a room alone, but if you look up the word "gregarious" in the dictionary, you just might find a picture of P. He'd be delighted to share a meal of sloppy Cincinnati chili with you no matter who you are -- a college student, a firefighter, a fiftysomething woman or a male senior citizen.

If he thought I needed to more clearly convey my interest, he'd tell me that, too.

When I was in my twenties, before I got married, I used to regularly get dating advice from P. The slightly weird part of this story is that he's nine years younger than I am -- meaning that, yes, I was relying on the wisdom of a teenage boy, a subset of the population not often recognized for great sensitivity, to help guide me through one of life's most delicate and important matters. If he thought I was wasting my time with a guy, he'd say so. When I heard recently that a longtime political consultant named Jerry Austin had said P. displays "political talent" he and others hadn't seen in nearly 40 years, I wasn't surprised.

Sittenfeld announced in January that he's running for U. What I can tell you is what it's like to be his sister. then was really smart, he was honest, and he was practical. won his first City Council election, I'd become a total believer, and my faith in him has only strengthened during his two terms. And his age is an advantage -- he has a huge amount of energy, he's progressive about social issues, and he actually knows how to send his own tweets. As the election approached, billboards went up in predominantly black neighborhoods in Cincinnati sending threatening and confusing warnings about voter fraud, warnings clearly meant to discourage any voting on the part of people living in these communities. He even gets a kick out of those ceremonial occasions, like riding up in a cherry-picker to light a twenty-foot menorah, or using enormous scissors to cut the ribbon at the opening of a community center. has an ineffable quality that you can't buy and you can't fake -- there's a perfect match among his talents, passions, and responsibilities.

one of the most common conversations with friends is: • What did she/he text you? You can also get dating advice on from Witty Thumbs's experts, which are like the friend you go to and ask "what should I respond" but they actually know what to say here.

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