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If you want to make the walk of shame your daily exercise, head to a school with an even male to female ratio, widespread condom availability on campus and lax dorm regulations. With men outnumbering women, the chances of hookups are slightly higher than they would be otherwise.“In my opinion, Columbia is a very forward-thinking and open-minded community,” Columbia University junior Chandler Precht said.Get condoms in bulk and a top-notch education only at Stanford. Not only does Stanford’s Greek life show off some Greek gods and goddesses among men, but dorm parties and tailgates provide prime situations for doing the dirty.

I mean, all those hours spent alone doing homework at Cecil Green library to keep up your GPA might keep something else up, too if you know what I mean.

Unlike Troy and Gabriela, these Wildcats don’t wait till the end of the summer to kiss (among other things) for the first time.

Georgia has the Condom Express, kind of like the Polar Express, but sexier.

This program delivers free condoms to dorms on campus.

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