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A former finance attorney turned dating and social coach, he captains the Art of Charm podcast and interviews...It can be the same sad story without you even realizing it.

There are thousands of tips on the internet for men who are socially active and comfortable with closing the deal. We take a look at all the areas of his life that aren't working from the disheveled closet to the lackluster...

This is for the rest of us, the majority, that can’t just walk up to that knockout, be witty and clever, and walk away with her number. Today on the Shy Man's Dating School Podcast Series, I speak with Art of Charm's founder and all round extraordinaire, Jordan Harbinger.

Listen as he tries to convince me to back out and bail, and hear how I turn it around.. That's how Andrew Ferebee went from sitting there, thinking about meeting women, to actually going out and getting dates.

He left that corporate job and followed his passion so that he could create his own...

Our American Vintage Reissue Reissue full from single women and Fender and in, .

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