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by  |  21-Dec-2017 23:52

I have found my new calling – a new obsession, some might say!

A new love to replace my One Direction lust, perhaps (actually, let’s be honest – I am not sure that thirst will ever be quenched, ha)? And, it all comes down to the fact that I took a leap of faith and trusted myself to not have an allergic reaction at the thought of breaking a sweat and raising my heart rate by attending 3 classes of Xtend Barre a week as part of the Xtend Barre 60 Day Challenge.

The 60 Day Xtend Barre Challenge is a challenge designed to help priotise fitness and health by setting achievable goals. I genuinely thought I would have to pull out – my body was rejecting this thing called ‘exercise’. Being fed grapes by the of ones dreams gets you through the pain!

I tried very hard to eat cleaner, but when you work for a chocolate company (I am Willy Wonka, bitches! I certainly feel, after 4 weeks, that I have gotten much more than $650 out of it.

) it becomes a daily struggle of gorging oneself or avoiding. I feel alive, my skin and circulation is better than it was and I sleep.

Literally, my insomnia has decided to up and leave me after 7 years of torture.

If you knew me, you would realise that that is a massive feat in itself.

Not visually obvious to others, but my legs are definitely starting to show definition (to me), and I swear I saw a ‘one pack’ making its way to the surface.

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