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Herbenick likes to encourage women not to be afraid of it, either.

"I like to remind women that there is no one way to perform oral sex," she says.

"In addition, if your early background includes information that your sexual parts are 'dirty,' it can lead to fears about odor."How to Get Over It: "The truth is, even healthy bodies have a scent," says Dr. "This is actually a good thing, because your scent is your pheromones—those hormones that attract men. "Sharing a laugh during sex because someone had an 'eruption' can bring the two of you closer."Hangup #4: Anxiety About Not Being Able to Please Him"Women, like men, often get hung up on performance anxiety," says Dr. "This gives her partner the opportunity to reassure her of the ways that she does please him.

Yes, vaginal odor can get stronger in the presence of a yeast infection, but if you are healthy and clean, there's no need to worry. Asking explicitly about what's working can help women to feel more reassured and confident about sex." Luke Vorstermans, a married man in Nova Scotia, Canada, says take heart.

But the researchers were surprised to find that only 4 of the 17 women could do a single pull-up at the end of the training period.

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